Facilities Use

Dear Community Members, 
Updated January 2022, all facility use for outside users is open. The district will be approving use on a limited basis with priority given to school programming. We are reviewing on a monthly basis to see if we can revise our guidelines based on Monroe County Health, NYS, and CDC Covid guidelines along district needs. 

Step 1
:  To see if space is available please click the following link for our calendar

Maps of our District and Athletic Fields:
• Main Campus Map
• Munn Elementary School and fields
• Taylor Elementary School and fields

Step 2: If your desire space is available, please click or paste the following link to make the request.

Login to request space 

Please allow 5 business days for confirmed approval.  

Current guidelines, masks required at all time when inside any of our buildings. This includes after school events and all users. Outdoor masking is not required at this time. Can you please submit to me your plan for managing Covid use guidelines for your meetings or events? What we are looking for is the following..1. who will be the responsible person to managing masking/guidelines at the event, 2. what happens if a guests or volunteer doesn’t comply and 3. will you be providing supplies to guests and volunteers?

I am happy to help you develop the management plan. Please feel free to give me a call and we can either set up a time to meet or work together over the phone.  

·         Limited for Community Education classes & events and Outside User events (PTA, Boosters, Youth Sports and Scouts, etc..). 

·         The District will review Covid Guidelines every 5 to 7 weeks and will supply updates to outside user if there are changes.

·         All users may request space for events through June 2022 to “save dates” following facility use guidelines for final approval.

·         All approved use is subject to change. This may include cancelations, additional Covid safety requirements and limitations to attendance.

·         All outside groups will be responsible for enforcing any Covid Safety Guidelines required by the district.

·         All outside groups including Parent Teacher Associations will be required to provide a Covid Safety Plan before any events are officially approved.

·         Reporting non-compliance of Covid safety – may be reported to superintendent by any source.

o   Community Programs Director will follow up with group (email, meeting, warning letter) for any issues.

o   Groups not able to enforce Covid safety guidelines may result in cancelation of all events, games and practices.

·         Community Ed and Outside Users will not be required to screen participants or attendees for Covid symptoms for classes, meetings, games, practices and events.

·         Facilities and outside groups will not have to disinfect area in between each user groups. (Bleachers, Tables, Chairs, etc…)

You will also find the necessary release of liability by clicking here.  All users and guests are expected to follow the Spencerport Code of Conduct and our Facility Use Regulations, which may be found below. When signing the contract, you agree that your group or organization will follow the regulations.

Please allow five business days for confirmed approval.  

You will also find the necessary release of liability by clicking here.  All users and guests are expected to follow the Spencerport Code of Conduct and our Facility Use Regulations, which may be found below. When signing the contract, you agree that your group or organization will follow the regulations.

Pre-approval for use occurs within approximately one week. However, final approval takes place after the deadlines stated below and when the necessary paperwork is collected. The district also reserves the right to change the time and date of your use at the time of request.  We also expect outside users that consistently use space to be flexible if the district needs your time for a school function.

Deadlines for School Use:  

April 15, for requests July 1 - Jan. 31

Oct. 15, for requests Feb. 1 - June 30

Here is an example how facilities are approved for our external users: 

Outside Sports Program requests space in March for use of Munn fields from July 31 to Nov. 1. The district will not officially approve this use until after April 15 when the school district has had the opportunity to enter their events for that building and collect paperwork.

Spencerport takes great pride in its community, and nowhere is this more apparent than with our schools. From the athletic fields to the facilities, our campus reflects the value we place on our children and the greater community.

When not in use for school purposes or by school-sponsored organizations, the district invites the community clubs and organizations to make use of its school buildings and facilities for educational, civic and recreational purposes. In most cases, there will be a fee to use our facility space. 


Regulations of School Facilities (PDF -214 KB)

Release of liability (PDF -7 KB)