Student Safety and Security

District Office building
The Spencerport School District annually reviews its safety plans and protocols, and through the years have continued to enhance our security efforts through staff trainings and additional surveillance measures.

All school buildings conduct mandatory schoolwide preparedness drills, and our director of security works directly with our staff and greeters to:
•    review our existing safety protocols and responses;
•    identify and implement any immediate needs; and
•    provide security training to support our practices.

On a daily basis, district security practices include proper staff and visitor identification badges, locked perimeter doors, confidential tip line, surveillance equipment, and daily and evening campus patrols.

In emergency situations, specific building and district responses also remain in place, and while every effort is made to assure our families, it is also important to safeguard security details and practices.

It is worth noting that our director of security, Toby Toscano, has a long history in law enforcement. He served in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as an investigator in the Major Crimes Unit and as a hostage negotiator. He also spent five years on assignment with the Rochester FBI.

Over the years, Toscano’s police training focused on many areas of security, including active shooter response, crime prevention strategies, defensive tactics, and family and crisis intervention training.  He has been with us for more than 15 years now, leading our security efforts. We also have a number of experienced, retired law enforcement members on our security staff.  We work very closely with both the Ogden Police Department, the New York State Police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to develop our safety plans and practices each year.  

Important contact information:

Confidential tipline
 Emergencies  Family Support Center
 1-877-474-9403  911 The Family Support Center is a no fee short-term counseling service that is available to all students and their families who reside in the Spencerport Central School District.
If you would like to make an appointment for counseling, call 349-5155. For information about the Center, call 349-5158.