Important Dates

Important Dates

Ranger Athletics: Spring Sports 2018

Any student that will be participating in a winter sport will need a current physical (within one year) on file with the nurse (or bring a copy to recertification) and their parent permission slip (Recertification Form) filled out and signed by a parent/guardian. Below are important dates for those students that would like to participate:


 High School - During Activity Period: Monday, February 5th 
 Middle School - During Flex Periods: Monday, February 26th 


High School (During Activity Period) 
          Male Sports: Wednesday, February 7th @ HS Health Office
          Female Sports:Thursday, February 8th @ HS Health Office
Middle School (During Flex Periods)             
          Male Sports: Wednesday, February 28th @Cosgrove Health Office
          Female Sports: Thursday, March 1st @Cosgrove Health Office
If a student has asthma, they must come to recerts with:
1.  New order for this school year from the doctor for the inhaler.
2.  Attestation (NOT an order from doctor saying they can self carry!  Must be the attestation form!) or the med needs to be given to the coach in order to practice.

If the student has a life threatening allergy they must have:
1.  Emergency Care Plan (ECP) that was sent home to them by Nurse Office in June.  Must be completed.
2.  Attestation form for epi pen or the med needs to be given to the coach in order to practice.
3.  New order from the doctor for the meds for this school year.

If the student has diabetes:
1.  Diabetic orders from the doctor for the school year.
2.  ECP filled out
3.  Attestation to carry diabetic supplies

***Any other health issue that requires an ECP (was sent home to all that require it in June) they must have that filled out and with them.
V/JV Sports                             Monday, March 5th 
Modified A & B Sports             Monday, March 19th 

Any questions, please contact the Athletic Office at 349-5170.