Community Notifications

Welcome to the Notification Page of our district website. Area law enforcement provides these notices of sex offenders residing in Spencerport and surrounding communities.

We posts these notifications as follows:

Level 1, 2 and 3 Sex Offenders  Level 2 Sex Offenders Level 3 Sex Offenders 
Notices will be posted on this page. Notices will be posted, an automated phone call will be made (if resident), referring to the posted notice on the website and offering to mail a copy of the notice upon request. Notices will be posted; an automated phone call will be made, referring to the website; and the notice will be mailed.

We hope this practice will inform our families of these notifications in making every effort to ensure student safety. 

Additionally, families can search the online New York State Sex Offender Registry at this link and sign up for email alerts at 

Please refer to the files below for more information.

Wheater, Level 1, Greece