Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: December
 Does the project include security cameras or equipment?

Yes. The project includes an increase in security cameras and surveillance equipment.

Updated: November
Why a Capital Improvement Project?


  • Our goal as a district is to create an educational environment that will help all our students grow through enhancing our facilities.


  • We recognize over the years the needs for the use of our facilities and for education have changed greatly, and we seek to meet these needs through our proposed capital improvement project.

How did we get here?


  • The district conducts regular reviews of its schools, buildings and grounds to identify areas in need of repair, renovation or replacement.
  • NYS required Building Condition Survey (BCS) in 2020 to assess current conditions of all occupied spaces plus major building and site systems components. Included a five-year plan which organizes and prioritizes existing and future capital needs.

  • In early 2022, we established a Facilities Task Force made up of staff, faculty, parents, community members and our professional consultants (i.e., construction management, financial planning and architectural).
  • The task force took a comprehensive, districtwide look at all facilities and instructional program needs and established both short and long-term priorities

What will it cost?


  • The proposal totals $23,410,000


  • Leveraging financial opportunities to utilize New York State Building Aid and use of our Capital Reserve Fund, the project will have minimal to no tax impact on residents.

Cost impact 
No additional impact on taxes

Why is the vote in December?
  • The referendum is in December based on several factors:

  • the anticipated timeline for the design phase and submission to the New York State Education Department
  • NYS ED review and approval
  • bids and awards
  • the existing cost of supplies and labor, hoping to secure bids prior to further increases
  • the time required for construction

If approved in December and each deadline is met, this project would be set for completion in the fall of 2025.

Construction timeline