Policy 3321


All persons are expressly prohibited from using covert means to listen-in or make a recording (audio or video) of any District-related phone call or of any meeting or activity at school and/or on school property, except meetings open to the public, in accordance with the Open Meetings Law.   

This includes, but is not limited to, placing recording devices or other devices with one- or two-way audio communication technology (i.e., technology that allows a person off-site to listen to live conversations and sounds taking place in the location where the device is located) on a student or otherwise in an area capable of listening in or recording without express written consent of the Superintendent at his/her discretion, in accordance with the law. The Superintendent is required to obtain express written consent from the Board of Education President to engage in this activity.         
No location transmitter or GPS device that also has one or two way audio communication technology may be placed within a student’s book bag or on the student unless approved in advance by the building principal.  Any such request for approval must be submitted in writing to the building principal.  No such request will be approved unless the parent/guardian additionally agrees to disable any feature that allows for listening in and/or recording.  (A parent must designate at least two District staff members as “authorized personnel” who will receive notification when a “listen in” feature of a monitoring device is activated during school hours, in order that the feature may be deactivated.)

NOTE: Refer also to 
Policy 5684 – Use of Surveillance Cameras in the District and on School Buses

Adopted: 6/25/24

Policy 3321