Policy 1111


The Board of Education considers the following to be the professional approach: Board members feel that they should not and do not want to routinely become involved with problems which can be solved satisfactorily by school personnel. If Board action is necessary, direction is always through the Superintendent of Schools.

When a parent calls a Board member about a problem involving a teacher, the parent will be asked to follow the school's chain of command to arrive at a solution. The proper sequence is teacher, principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent. In the case of non-teaching employees, the employee and immediate supervisor should be contacted initially. If the problem is not resolved by pursuing this chain, parents should feel free to contact the Board.

Employees having complaints or recommendations to make should follow the normal procedure of bringing their problems or opinions to the attention of their immediate supervisor. Should the problem be a grievance, the established grievance procedures should be followed.

The Board gives unqualified assurance to all parents, residents, and employees that they may bring any problem or complaint to the attention of a supervisor, or any other member of the administration or Board; that they will receive full and fair consideration, and that their bringing up the matter will not adversely affect them in any way.

Adherence to the above should eliminate unnecessary embarrassment, and shall facilitate action and understanding as well as prevent the compounding of minor problems.

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 1111