Policy 6411


Email is a valuable business communication tool, however, users must use this tool in a responsible and lawful manner. Every employee and authorized user has a responsibility to be knowledgeable about the inherent risks associated with email usage and to avoid placing the District at risk. The same laws and business records requirements apply to email as to other forms of written communication. District employees and authorized users will use the District's designated email system for all business-related email, including emails in which students or student issues are involved. Personal accounts will not be used to conduct official business.

Employee Acknowledgement

All employees and authorized users will be required to review a copy of the District's policies on staff use of computerized information resources and any regulations established in connection with those policies. Each employee will affirm their adherence to the Acceptable Use Policy and other policies when they access the District Computer Systems.

Personal Use

Employees and authorized users may use the District's email system for limited personal use.  However, employees and authorized users will have no expectation of privacy in this email use. 

Personal use does not include chain letters, junk mail, and jokes, or using the District's email programs to conduct job searches, post personal information to bulletin boards, blogs, chat groups, and list services, etc. without specific permission from the principal or supervisor. The District's email system also cannot be used for personal gain or profit.

Receiving Unacceptable Mail

Employees and authorized users who receive offensive, unpleasant, harassing, or intimidating messages via District email or instant messaging should inform their principal or supervisor immediately.

Records Management and Retention

Email will be maintained and archived in accordance with the NYS Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1 and as outlined in the Records Management Policy. Email records may be deleted, purged, or destroyed after they have been retained for the requisite time period established in the ED-1 schedule.


Inappropriate use of email by an employee or authorized user should be reported to the employee or authorized user's principal or supervisor who may take appropriate disciplinary action. Violations may result in a loss of email use, access to the District Computer Systems, and/or other disciplinary action. When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be contacted.

Confidentiality Notice

A standard confidentiality notice will automatically be added to each email as determined by the District.

Policy References:

NOTE:  Refer also to 
Policy 3320 - Confidentiality of Computerized Information
Policy 3420 - Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the District
Policy 5670 - Records Management
Policy 6410 - Staff Acceptable Use Policy
Policy 8271 - Internet Safety/Internet Content Filtering

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 6411