Policy 8230


The School Counseling Program of the District shall be a broad-based program designed to serve all students in the District.  The general goals of this program will:  

a) Enable the students to achieve a more complete knowledge of themselves, including an understanding of their achievements, aptitudes, interests, attitudes, goals and values.
b) Be developmental and sequential in nature, based on the needs of the students at each grade level, with consideration given to the different developmental rates of each student.
c) Enable the students to achieve an accurate knowledge of educational and career opportunities.
d) Enable the student to develop planning and decision-making skills and apply them to their goals for life-long learning.
e) Provide coordination of the student’s educational program, working with School District and community personnel and families.
f) Provide referral services for students with special academic, personal, social, emotional or physical needs.
g) Be responsive to the changing needs of its students and the community it serves.  Activities will be consistent with the District-Wide School Counseling Priorities.

The school counseling program is to be organized and delivered according to the priorities listed below, 

a) Academic counseling
b) Career information counseling
c) Post high school education counseling
d) Personal counseling

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised:  9/6/22

Policy 8230