Facilities Management and Security

Contact the Facilities & Security Office

Darin Price, Director
Phone: 585-349-5195 

Director of Security
Phone: 585-349-5197

Charis Quatro
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 585-349-5194

Security overview

On a daily basis, the district practices include screening staff and visitors for proper identification, and authorization, locking perimeter doors, staff training managing the surveillance equipment and the confidential tip line, and various security patrols. Various local police agencies fuel their vehicles on campus providing an additional safety overview presence on campus. All of these measures are managed by our director of security.

After-Hours answering service and Confidential Tip Line

To report any facilities-related issues after normal work hours, an answering service has been established. These calls can range from parking lot lights out, to plugged toilets, to cold rooms. The answering service will route these calls to an appropriate manager for followup.

The After-Hours answering service number is (585) 453-2360.

The Confidential Tip Line (CTL) phone number is 1-877-474-9403

District Safety Plans

A copy of the state Education Department compliant District Safety Plan may be reviewed by appointment in the Superintendent's office.

Darin Price

Mr. Darin Price
Director of Facilities