2023-24 Budget Section

Budget resultsNOTE: This is last year's budget section that remains visible for transparency. To visit the 2024-25 budget section, please visit this link.

We want to thank our community of voters for approving the 2023-24 school budget, capital reserve fund, and election of three board candidates.

A total of 1,371 Spencerport School District residents voted this year, with the following results:

  • Proposition 1: the 2023-24 budget of $92,744,041: 792 (58%) in favor and 573 (42%) opposed

  • Proposition 2: establish a capital reserve for purchase of bus and motor-vehicles: 861 in favor (64%) and 494 opposed (36%)

The top three candidates elected to the Board of Education were: 

  • Marsha Hinman, 1,007 votes
  • Lori Stone, 872 votes
  • David Gibbardo, 805 votes

Jonathan Schallmo received (592) votes.  

Proposition 1: the budget                                                   $92,744,041

  • Increase: $4.7 million, budget to budget
  • Tax levy: $42,596,762 (2.6% increase)
  • Tax levy limit: $44,557,347, $1.9 million below the maximum allowable levy limit with exclusions, requiring a simple majority
Proposition 2: re-establish Capital Reserve Fund

for Buses and Motor Vehicle Equipment, with the following terms:
  • Period of five years
  • not to exceed $5 million

 Community Budget Presentation 

2023_2024 Community Presentation.pdf

  Results of Budget ThoughtExchange  

Thank you to the participants who engaged in our budget planning (ThoughtExchange) for 2023-24. The feedback will inform our process as we move forward.

Community feedback for budget planning