Policy 5650


The Board recognizes the importance of energy conservation and is committed to the analysis, development, and initiation of conservation measures throughout the District for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, particularly in these times of declining levels of natural energy resources and increasing cost of these resources. The Board maintains an aggressive and responsible program to reduce consumption of energy by its facilities and to provide education to both staff and students on the conservation of energy.

The District is committed to an energy conservation program that addresses not only capital-related energy projects but ongoing, day-to-day energy related issues as well. All staff are urged to participate actively in a program of energy conservation by assisting in the efforts to eliminate the wasteful use of energy in the operation of the District's buildings. Cooperation will be required of each employee and each student to achieve a meaningful energy conservation program that results in a more efficient use of energy resources. Involvement of staff and students is essential to a successful program of energy conservation.

The Board is further committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials, waste prevention strategies, and purchasing recycled products when feasible.

Policy References:

Environmental Conservation Law §§ 27-2101- 27-2117
General Municipal Law § 120-aa
19 NYCRR §§ 1221-1228 and 1240
Energy Conservation Code of New York State 2007

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 5650