Policy 5250


Sale of School Property

No school property will be sold without prior approval of the Board. However, the responsibility for these sales may be delegated. The net proceeds from the sale of school property will be deposited in the General Fund. 

Disposal of District Personal Property


District equipment that is obsolete, surplus, or unusable by the District will be disposed of in such a manner that is advantageous to the District. 

The Superintendent will be responsible for selling the equipment in such a way so as to maximize the net proceeds of sale which may include a bona fide public sale preceded by adequate public notice. If it is determined that reasonable attempts to dispose of the equipment have been made and those attempts have not produced an adequate return, the Superintendent or designee may dispose of the equipment in any manner which he or she deems appropriate.


Textbooks may lose their value to the educational program because of changes in the curriculum or because they contain outdated material or are in poor condition. If textbooks are no longer useful or usable, the procedures for disposal will adhere to the following order of preference:

a) Sale of textbooks. If reasonable attempts to dispose of surplus textbooks fail to produce monetary return to the District; then
b) Donation to charitable organizations; or
c) Recycle through appropriate means.

Policy References:
Education Law §§ 1604(4), 1604(30), 1604(36), 1709(9), 1709(11), 2503, 2511, and 2512
General Municipal Law §§ 51 and 800, et seq.

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 5250