Munn: proposed capital improvements

Munn aerial view

Safety and Security

Color key red SECURITY
• New secured vestibule entrance
 Enhanced visitor screening system
• Electronic door controls

• Exterior and interior door glazing
• Breech/ballistic resistance
Munn vestibule layout
  Munn greeter's desk
Color key light purple for Roofing
• Complete tear-off and replacement
• Scan indicates deficiencies in red

Additional scope*
Color key yellow Additional Scope items
Munn playground

* The Facilities Task Force identified additional scope projects based on the following criteria:
  • impacts a large number of students
  • professional work environment
  • safety and security

 Key color green for funding Estimated site total at Munn $6,394,727

Scan of Munn's roof:
Munn roof with red indicating deficiencies

Additional scope:

Munn playground