Nutrikids Meal Account


What is Nutrikids?

Nutrikids is a computerized money and meal count system.  This improves the level of service to the parents and students.  It helps us better manage student payments and meal eligibility as well as simplify cash handling and the pre-payment process.  Students enter their student ID# or swipe the ID card and pay using their account balance or cash for their purchase.  They can also add money to their NutriKids account at the register with cash or a check.  Nutrikids is for all children – paid, reduced and free as well as teachers and staff.  One of the major advantages of NutriKids is a student’s lunch status of paid, reduced or free is identified only in the computer register system and all transactions look the same. 

How do I make a deposit?

You will log onto  and create an account.  You can then add funds to your child’s account.  You may also send in cash or checks to your child’s school cafeteria which will be placed on their nutrikids account.

What if my child receives free/reduced lunch?

All students who are purchasing lunch or al a carte items will enter their student ID# at the cash register.  The system will recognize their free/reduced status and they will be charged $0 or $.25 as per their eligibility.  This is done at the register and all transaction look the same.

Must I pay for my student’s lunch through mySchoolBucks?

No, you can send in lunch money or a check with your child made payable to Spencerport School Lunch Fund. If you decide to send in money with your child to be put on his account as he gets his lunch just remember you can still use all the other features MySchoolBucks has to offer.