Policy 7210


Grade Promotion and Placement

Grade promotion and the placement of students within the District's instructional system will be at the discretion of the school administration and will be subject to review at any time. In making these decisions, the administrator or building principal will be guided by: performance in class; past records, including various measures of student growth; recommendations from parents, persons in parental relation to District students, and teachers; and any other appropriate sources of information. 

Testing Program

The District utilizes various ability, achievement, diagnostic, readiness, interest, and guidance tests for the purpose of complying with state and federal law and/or aiding the implementation of quality educational services. The District will not make any student promotion or placement decisions based solely or primarily on student performance on the state administered English language arts and mathematics assessments for grades 3 through 8. The District may, however, consider student performance on state assessments in making student promotion and placement decisions provided that multiple measures be used in addition to these assessments and that these assessments do not constitute the major factor in these determinations.

Alternative Testing Procedures

The use of alternative testing procedures will be limited to:

a) Students identified by the Committee on Special Education and/or Section 504 Team as having a disability. Alternative testing procedures will be specified in a student's Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan; and 
b) Students whose home language is other than English (i.e., English language learners) in accordance with State Education Department (SED) Guidelines.

The alternative testing procedures employed will be based upon a student's individual needs and the type of test administered.

The District will report the use of alternative testing procedures to the SED on a form and at a time prescribed by the Commissioner.

Reporting to Parents or Persons in Parental Relation to Students

Parents or persons in parental relation to District students will receive an appropriate report of student progress at regular intervals.

The District will not place or include on a student's official transcript or maintain in a student's permanent record any individual student score on a state administered standardized English language arts or mathematics assessment for grades 3 through 8. However, the District will comply with state and federal requirements regarding the maintenance and transfer of student test scores. Any test results on a state administered standardized English language arts or mathematics assessment for grades 3 through 8 sent to parents or persons in parental relation to a student will include a clear and conspicuous notice that these results will not be included on the student's official transcript or in the student's permanent record and are being provided to the student and parents for diagnostic purposes.

When necessary, attempts will be made to provide interpreters for non-English speaking parents or persons in parental relation to District students.

Policy References:

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Education Law §§ 305(45) - (47), 1709(3)
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Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 7210