Budget Focus Group 2023

 Extending our appreciation to the 2023 Budget Focus Group 

The community Budget Focus Group members volunteered their time and feedback throughout the development of the 2023-24 budget.
Budget Focus Group
Thirty volunteers shared their perspectives on the economy, budget priorities, and tax impact, and this dialogue weighted heavily in the decisions made in the adopted proposal. Questions raised at key checkpoints may be similar to questions from our community, so we compiled these into Frequently Asked Questions, which may be found at this link

Our sincerest thanks to:
Cory Allen, administrator
Rob Allen, teacher
Rachel Baldwin, unit member
Donald Bardeen, community
Sue Chatterton, teacher
Lanette Cypher, ad hoc
William Entress, community
Cindy Hare, unit member
Jennifer Kearse, parent
Greg Kincaid, community
Jamie Lissow, ad hoc
Jacob Marciano, student
Mike Mayer, community
Sean McCabe, administrator
Kimberly McLaren, parent
  Chris Mears, staff
Michael Miceli, Board of Education
Carol Nellis-Ewell, civic leader
Katlyn Prosser, parent
Jonathan Saltzberg, administrator
Will Schaefer, unit member
Roman Shah, student
Lori Stone, Board of Education
Kristin Swann, ad hoc
Amanda Van Huben, teacher
Pat Vicaretti, unit member
Rick Wood, ad hoc
Mike Zale, town official
Ty Zinkiewich, ad hoc
Karen Zyra, community