Policy 5321


The following school employees have been issued District credit card(s) and are authorized to use them for appropriate school-related business expenses:

Superintendent of Schools
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

When not in use, the credit card shall be kept secure by the designated user.  Receipts for expenditures shall include the goods and/or services purchased, the amount of the purchase, date of the purchase and the District business to which each purchase relates.

The designated user must take proper care of their credit card and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss or theft.  Any damage, loss or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office and to the appropriate financial institution. Failure to take proper care of credit cards or failure to report damage, loss or theft may subject the designated user to financial liability.

Credit cards may only be used for legitimate school district business expenditures.  The use of credit cards is not intended to circumvent the district’s policy on purchasing.

The District credit card shall also be used for the purchase of items in an emergency or crisis situation or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.

Credit card expenditures will be charged to appropriate budget codes and original receipts must be forwarded to the Business Office for all charges within ten days of the expenditure.  Failure to submit original receipts for charges made will result in the designated user being held personally liable for the undocumented charges.

Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature or violate the intent of this policy may result in credit card revocation and discipline of the designated user.

The designated user must submit detailed documentation, including itemized receipts for commodities, services, travel and/or other actual and necessary expenses which have been incurred in connection with school-related business for which the credit card has been used.

The Internal Claims Auditor shall periodically, but no less than twice a year, monitor the use of the credit card and report any serious problems and/or discrepancies directly to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education.

The designated user to whom a credit card is issued shall be responsible for its use and shall not allow the card to be used by anyone else or for any unauthorized purchases.  Reimbursement for any personal or unauthorized purchases made with the District credit card must occur within 30 days of receipt of the credit card statement.  Any unauthorized use shall subject the designated user to disciplinary action in accordance with the law, District policy and/or the terms of a negotiated agreement.

Upon separation from the District, the approved user must return the credit card to the Assistant Superintendent for Business or his/her designee.

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 5321