Policy 7223


The Board of Education encourages the recognition of outstanding academic achievement through the award of graduation honors. The Board of Education also acknowledges the usefulness of a system of computing grade point averages and class ranking for high school students, both to inform students of their relative academic placement among their peers and to provide students, prospective employers, and institutions of higher learning with a predictive device so that each student is more likely to be placed in an environment conducive to success.

Latin Honor System

Graduation honors will be determined through the use of the Latin honors system, which grants students summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude titles based on their weighted grade point average. The Latin system will allow students to take a rigorous course load but also allow for the inclusion of non-weighted courses that align with student interests and post-secondary goals.

Honor ranking is based upon the following three tiers:

Summa cum laude (with highest honor): 4.7+ GPA
Magna cum laude (with great honor): 4.5 to 4.699 GPA
Cum laude (with honor): 4.2 to 4.499 GPA

To qualify for honors recognition a student must have attended the last two full years at E.J. Wilson High School. Foreign exchange students will not be considered in computing decile class rank, and therefore, will not be eligible for any academic honors.

Class Rank by Decile

Beginning with the graduating class of 2022 and thereafter, the traditional system of class rank will be replaced by the decile system. Seniors will be placed into deciles each quarter of their senior year. Students are sorted in order of their weighted cumulative grade point average from highest to lowest, and then divided into ten equal parts. Students are assigned a number between one and ten to represent their decile placement. The ten percent of students with the highest cumulative weighted grade point averages are placed in decile one.

Grade Point Average

Graduation honors and the decile ranking system will be based on grade point averages calculated by:

a) Source: Decile Rank and Average Listing – Decile rank sequence will be computed after seven semesters. The first semester of the senior year is the last to be included.
b) Computation: The Decile Rank and Average Listing reports students’ weighted averages carried out to four decimal places and rounded to three decimal places.
c) Check for Reasonableness: The principal shall submit the computation for graduation honors and decile ranking to the Superintendent prior to announcing the honors. 

Adopted:  6/22/99
Revised:  6/11/19

Policy 7223