Policy 7440


The District recognizes the importance of voting and civic engagement. As such, the District seeks to encourage student voter registration and pre-registration. A person who is at least 16 years of age and who is otherwise qualified to register to vote may pre-register to vote, and will then be automatically registered to vote upon reaching the age of eligibility as provided by law. 

The District can promote student voter registration and pre-registration through methods such as:
a) Collaborating with county boards of elections to conduct voter registration and pre-registration in the District's high school(s); and
b) Encouraging voter registration and pre-registration at various student events throughout the year.

The District will inform students of New York State's requirements for voter registration and pre-registration, as well as provide access to voter registration and pre-registration applications during the school year and provide assistance with filing these applications. The completion and submission of voter registration or pre-registration forms will not be a course requirement or graded assignment for District students.

Policy References:
Election Law ยง 5-507

Adopted:  2/28/23, 5/28/24

Policy 7440