Policy 5673


The District will restrict the use and access to employee personal identifying information. As defined in law, "personal identifying information" includes social security number, home address or telephone number, personal electronic mail address, Internet identification name or password, parent's surname prior to marriage, or driver's license number.

The District will not unless otherwise required by law:

a) Publicly post or display an employee's social security number;
b) Visibly print a social security number on any identification badge or card, including any time card;
c) Place a social security number in files with unrestricted access; or
d) Communicate an employee's personal identifying information to the general public.

A social security number will not be used as an identification number for purposes of any occupational licensing.

District staff will have access to this policy, informing them of their rights and responsibilities in accordance with Labor Law Section 203-d. District procedures for safeguarding employee "personal identifying information" will be evaluated; and employees who have access to this information as part of their job responsibilities will be advised as to the restrictions on release of this information in accordance with law.

Policy References:
Labor Law § 203-d

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22 

Policy 5673