Policy 8330


The Board of Education recognizes the right of a parent to request that his/her own child be excused from reading a particular book or using particular instructional materials.  Such requests, if made in writing to the principal of the child’s school, and if they include the specific reason for the request, will be honored.  The principal, in cooperation with the child’s teacher, shall arrange for the child to use a suitable alternate instructional material for that aspect of the program.

Any criticism of instructional materials that are in the schools shall be submitted in writing either on the “Request for a Clarification of Instructional Material Form” or in writing using the content of that form as a guide.

At public meetings of the Board of Education, or at other official school functions, no person shall orally initiate charges, complaints or criticisms regarding instructional materials used in the District.

Once completed, the Request for Clarification of Instructional Materials Form shall be submitted to the principal of the building in which the material is located for submission to the Superintendent of Schools.  Allegations thus submitted will be considered by a committee made up of the principal, librarian and faculty members appointed by the Superintendent; the faculty members of this committee will be in the subject matter field of material challenged.  

The challenged material will be judged by the committee as to its conformity with polices and regulations of the Board of Education.

The Superintendent of Schools shall either approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove the committee’s written report and recommendations and so notify all concerned in writing.

Should the person(s) filing the complaint, or the committee, wish to do so, they may make a final appeal to the Board of Education.  The Board of Education will make the final decision as to the retention or rejection of the challenged material in the schools.

Controversial Issues

Controversial issues may be studied as part of the curriculum and teachers will present these issues in their classrooms in an impartial and objective manner. 

Teachers wishing to call upon outside speakers in the presentation of controversial issues are required to obtain the approval of the principal who will keep in mind the obligation for presenting opposing views as well, and who will inform the Superintendent prior to the presentation. 

If parents or citizens of the community believe that unfair and biased presentations are being made by a teacher, the Superintendent may provide for a hearing so that both parties may fairly express their views. 

Policy References:
Education Law § 3204(5)
8 NYCRR § 135.3

NOTE: Refer also to 
Policy 8320 - Textbooks, Library Materials, and Other Instructional Materials
Policy 8360 - Religious Expression in the Instructional Program

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 8330