Parking on campus

Ariel View CMS side parking lot

Spencerport Central School District enforces a driving and parking policy to ensure safety on campus with unobstructed fire lanes, bus loops and handicapped parking.

Regulations include:

  • towing improperly parked vehicles in the designated areas listed above, or
  • towing any vehicles impeding exits or thru traffic.

The policy states that vehicles may be subject to ticketing, towing, vehicle immobilization or revocation of parking privileges, and operators will be responsible for any cost associated with such violations.

Student parking contracts also adhere to this policy, and it should be noted that students with revoked parking privileges will have their vehicle towed if they park on school grounds after being warned not to do so. In addition, the policy also calls for issuing newly-designed warning tickets to drivers who violate posted signs in less critical areas, and vehicles receiving a minimal number of these tickets may also be subject to towing. For more on student parking, click this link.

Towing at the owners expense may prove costly, often exceeding $100, so please follow all posted signs and “Don’t risk being towed”.

We ask for your cooperation in keeping these critical areas clear for the safety of our visitors and for responders in case of emergency. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please contact the facilities department at 349-5194.