Digital Conversion Team

Over the past six years, members of the district's 21st Century Teams have explored the ever-changing landscape of instructional technology. While the structure of these teams have evolved into the Digital Conversion Team, the goal has remained constant. DCT members at all levels continue to strive to foster student achievement by supporting teachers in the implementation of instructional technology.

Across the district, the Digital Conversion Teams have provided professional development highlighting the latest instructional technology. In the 2017-2018 school year, these teachers have set their sights on learning more about the various formats of blended learning.  Through an out-of-school book study of Go Blended! by Liz Arney, and subsequent planning sessions, these teachers hope to gain a greater understanding of the blended learning model. 

As we look forward to the district-wide implementation of a 1:1 program in the coming year, the team has been exploring how instructional technology can foster student achievement, provide learning opportunities that go beyond our brick and mortar structures and work to support a wide variety of learners. 

K-5 ISTE Instructional Expectations.pdf

6-12 ISTE Instructional Expectations.pdf