Policy 7430


Contests for Students

Distribution of educational material, essay contests, and poster contests, and other educational contests must be approved in advance by the building principals if the sponsoring organization wishes to involve students in the project on school time. Samples of informational material should accompany the request. As determined by the building principal, the request may be forwarded to the Superintendent and the Board for approval.

Student Awards and Scholarships 

The District may obtain and give certain awards and scholarships to its students. The Board will hold in trust gifts, grants, bequests, and legacies given or bequeathed to the District, and it will apply the same or their interest and proceeds according to the instruction of the donors and according to the procedures established by the administration.

Student Awards

The aim of the awards system is to celebrate and encourage high achievement in scholarship, school citizenship and athletics.

Awards which have received Board of Education approval shall be presented to those students selected in accordance with the criteria established by the terms of the awards.

The Superintendent or designee will review and approve, or reject, proposed trophies, prizes or other awards from nondistrict donors. Acceptance will require affirmative answers to the following questions:

a) Is the aim (either implied or explicit) of the proposed award consistent with our schools’ goals and philosophy?
b) Are the criteria for making the award under the control of the professional staff or acceptable to the staff?
c) Can the proposed award be considered free from motives of personal or corporate gain and publicity?

If a nondistrict award requires financial support from the District, the District may, if approved by the Board of Education, provide a maximum of 50 percent, but not in excess of $1,000 of the cost per student.

Policy References:

Education Law §§ 1604(30), 1709(12-a), and 2503(1)

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 7430