Social Worker Services

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Meet Our Social Workers:

Jennifer Davin
 Spencerport High School, 349-5261

Darlene Learo
Spencerport High School, 349-5226

Paige Bauch
Spencerport High School, 349-5263

Sarah Herold
Spencerport High School, 349-5263

Traci Powlowski
Cosgrove Middle School, 349-5361

Counseling Services and Crisis Interventions

At the secondary level, school social workers are involved in counseling, both group and individuals, for students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs). At times of crisis, school social workers are available for counseling all students as needed. Referrals for families and students are often made to outside agencies to assist with family and student needs.


A major role for school social workers is to work with school, students and families as it pertains to a student’s attendance. The overall objective of the school district is for students to attend school on a regular basis. To this end, the district has published a Comprehensive Attendance Policy. When students fail to attend school, intervention becomes necessary, and in the most severe case, the district collaborates with the FACT team (stand for Family Access and Connection Team), CPS, primary care doctors and other external providers.