Policy 7480


The Board of Education supports the grades 4-12 Instrumental Music Program offered in the District.

All instrumental music students shall be expected to own or rent their instrument.  Students may arrange for ownership or rental of instruments through a variety of independent (outside the District) vendors.

A limited number of District-owned instruments are available for rental. These instruments are those that are not generally or easily available from outside vendors. A limited number of District owned instruments in this classification will be disbursed upon decisions by the instrumental music staff.   Decisions will be dependent upon the need for a balanced instrumentation at each grade level. Students who rent musical instruments will pay the fee set forth by the Board of Education. Fees may be waived in the case of severe hardship.

Students and parents/guardians will assume responsibility for proper care of school-owned instruments and will pay for damages to same.  

The District will only transport, in its vehicles, those instruments meeting certain safety standards as indicated in the New York State Department of Transportation Regulations.

Policy References:

New York State Department of Transportation
Regulations Section 720.22

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 6/6/23 

Policy 7480