K-12 Registration Instruction & Documents

K-12 Registration        

Languages other than English

Before beginning the online registration, please gather the following documents and scan them into your device to upload during the registration process. Additional forms may need to be downloaded, completed, saved and uploaded to complete the registration process.

If you need assistance or you have questions about registering your child(ren), please click here.

  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID: Driver's license or non-driver identification card, or passport
  • Proof of Residency:  Commissioner’s Regulation § 100.2(y) requires that individuals requesting enrollment prove that they are residents of the District. You will need to provide one primary document (lease with appropriate signatures, mortgage, deed) and three forms of supporting documentation to show current residency within District boundaries. For a list of acceptable documents, please click here.
  • Dual Residency - defined as sharing residence with another family. Please click here for the documents needed and make an appointment with the district central registrar (585-349-5114) to complete the registration process.
  • Proof of Age:  Your child's birth certificate, passport or baptismal certificate.
  • Immunization Record For NYS immunization requirements, click here. For additional information, click here.
  • Health Exam Form: For more information, click here.
  • Parent and Prescriber's Authorization to Administer Medication in School Form: Click here.
  • HIPPA FormClick here.  (Optional but recommended)
  • Record Request/Release form: Click here.
  • Home Language Questionnaire: Click here.
  • Transportation for Childcare: Click here.
  • Student's last report card or transcripts
  • Copy of your student's IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)

Once all of the needed documents above are gathered and completed, please proceed to the online registration below. 

 To Register      On-Line Registration

IMPORTANT:  Registration is not complete until the registration and all documentation has been approved by the district central registrar. Status of the registration of your student will be sent to you via email to the email address entered in the registration.