Policy 5731


The Board recognizes the need to promote the health and safety of District students and staff and to protect the environment from harmful emissions found in bus and vehicle exhaust. The District will ensure that each driver of a school bus or other vehicle owned, leased, or contracted for by the District turns off the engine of the bus or vehicle while waiting for passengers to load or off load on school grounds, or while the vehicle is parked or standing on school grounds or in front of or adjacent to any school. Appropriate signage shall be posted to remind drivers of the policy.


Unless otherwise required by state or local law, the idling of a school bus or vehicle engine may be permitted to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes:

a) The bus is forced to remain motionless because of the traffic conditions over which the driver has no control.
b) Idling to maintain an interior temperature of fifty (50) degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature is less than fifty (50) degrees or an interior temperature of seventy (70) degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature outside is more than eighty (80) degrees.
c) Auxiliary function such as wheelchair lifts if the operation requires the engine to continue running.
d) When operation of the vehicle is required for maintenance, including necessary pre-trip safety inspections.

Private Vendor Transportation Contracts

All contracts for pupil transportation services between the District and a private vendor will include a provision requiring the vendor's compliance with the provisions of reducing idling in accordance with Commissioner's regulations.

Sanctions for Violation of District Policy

District employed bus drivers as well as other District employees who are known to have engaged in prohibited behavior with regard to excessive idling of school buses are subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the applicable collective bargaining agreement, as well as the sanctions provided for in law and/or regulations. 

Any significant violations by vendors/contract bus companies of District policy and/or regulations regarding excessive idling of school buses shall result in revocation of their contract for the transportation of District students; and they may be subject to sanctions provided for in law and/or regulations.

The District will monitor and enforce compliance with this policy; and any person may report incidents of noncompliance by contacting the Director of Transportation.

Policy References:
Education Law § 3637
Vehicle and Traffic Law § 142
8 NYCRR § 156.3(h)

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 5731