Meal Modification Procedure

Working collaboratively with parents to ensure an equal opportunity to participate in the school meal programs and receive program benefits, the Spencerport CSD will provide modifications for children with disabilities on a case-by-case basis only when requests are supported by a written statement from a State licensed healthcare professional, such as a physician or nurse practitioner (medical statement). 

Students with food allergies and/or intolerance:

  • A written statement from a State licensed health care professional needs to be provided to the school nurse.The school nurse will provide the student’s name, food allergy or intolerance, and additional information that may be provided to assist in modifications to the school cafeteria manager and the district food service director.
  • The student’s meal account will be noted of the food allergy or intolerance for food service employees to be alerted when the student is proceeding through the cafeteria line and make the needed modifications when necessary.
  • Parent/Guardians may contact the school cook manager and/or the district food service director to discuss the options available to suite the student’s food allergy or intolerance needs.This may result in a request to have a meeting to discuss the available items the school has to provide for the student.
  • Food allergies and/or intolerance of a student are handled on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, it may require the parent/guardian or student to contact the school cook manager the morning or evening before, the student will be receiving a meal and accommodation needs to be made to give the kitchen staff time. (Example - Gluten free products). We will only prepare the meal for a student if we know they will be eating that day. 

It is difficult for children with certain food allergies to get a variety as they are limited with their choices. Please be aware we will do our best to provide variety for all students, but our options may be limited. The important thing is that we are making reasonable accommodations, so that all our students receive a nutritious meal. 

Meal Modifications Procedure