Policy 7620


All students with disabilities residing in the District, including those of preschool age, will be provided with full access and opportunity to participate in District programs, including nonacademic and extracurricular programs and activities, that are available to all other students enrolled in the District. Nonacademic and extracurricular programs and activities may include counseling services, athletics, transportation, health services, recreational activities, special interest groups or clubs sponsored by the District, referrals to agencies that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities and employment of students (both by the District and assistance in making outside employment available).

Parents or guardians of students with disabilities, including those students placed in out-of-District programs, will receive timely notice of District programs and activities.

Community Resources

The District may compile a list of appropriate community resources to provide to parents or persons in parental relation of a child with a disability. This list will clearly state that these services are in addition to programs and services provided by the District and will not be paid for by the District. Any member of the District's committees or subcommittees on special education, or the District, who, acting reasonably and in good faith, provides this information will not be liable for this action.

Policy References:
Education Law §§ 4402(1)(b)(3-a) and 4410 (5)(b)(IV)
8 NYCRR §§ 200.2(b)(1) and 200.2(b)(2)

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 7620