Policy 3230


Complaints by citizens regarding any facet of the school operation often can be handled more satisfactorily by the administrative officer in charge of the unit closest to the source of the complaint. In most instances, therefore, complaints will be made to the building principal and/or his or her assistant if the matter cannot be resolved by the teacher, coach, or other school employee. 

Unresolved complaints at the building level must be reported to the Superintendent by the building principal. The Superintendent may require the statement of the complainant in writing. 

All other complaints and related concerns that are not resolved at the Superintendent level to the satisfaction of the complainant may be carried to the Board. Unresolved complaints at the Superintendent level must be reported to the Board by the Superintendent. The Board reserves the right to require prior written reports from appropriate parties.

NOTE: Refer also to 
Policy 3420 - Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the District
Policy 8330 - Objection to Instructional Materials and Controversial Issues
District Code of Conduct

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 3230