Policy 3290


In order to promote the access and safety of its buildings and grounds, the Spencerport Central School District has specific requirements for the parking and driving of motor vehicles on District property. In addition to the requirements detailed in this policy, New York State Motor Vehicle laws are in effect and enforceable in all District parking lots and on its roadways at all times. Further, these requirements are consistent with the District's Code of Conduct.


District parking lots are reserved for staff, students, Board of Education members, community program attendees, users and attendees of events authorized by the District, parents, guardians and families of District students while frequenting their child's school and others authorized by the Facilities Office. 

Parking is only allowed in authorized parking spots in District parking lots. No parking is allowed in fire lanes or other areas identified as "no parking." Additional parking areas may be authorized by the Facilities Department as needed. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas may be ticketed by the police and/or fire marshal, and/or towed at the owner's expense. This provision does not apply to emergency vehicles or authorized service vehicles.

Bus loops are for school buses only. Vehicles are not allowed to pick up or drop off any passengers, packages or equipment, or to park or enter a bus loop at any time of the day or night. Exceptions will be posted as authorized by the District.

No parked vehicle shall be left running while unattended. The District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged vehicles or thefts from vehicles while parked on District property. It is recommended that all vehicles are locked when parked on District property.

Vehicles parked on District property may be searched if there is a reasonable suspicion to believe that the search will result in evidence of a violation of the law or Code of Conduct.

All staff members parking their vehicle on District property are required to display a parking permit issued by the Facilities Department. Parking permits are for use by the authorized individual and cannot be transferred to others. Parking permits will remain the property of the Spencerport Central School District and when no longer needed or revoked, the permit must be returned to the Facilities Department or authorized office.

All vehicles operated by students and parked on school grounds during the school day must be authorized by the high school administration, or designee. Parking permits will be issued by the high school office. Students authorized to park may do so during the school day in specified locations as set forth by the high school administration. Students who violate the rules established by the high school administration or park without authorization during the school day on District property will face consequences consistent with this policy, including towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense.


The speed limit in District parking lots shall be 5 MPH. The speed limit on all District roadways shall be 15 MPH.

Consistent with vehicle and traffic law, all operators of motor vehicles must stop for school buses when their red lights are flashing. Violations will be reported to the authorities.

All operators of motor vehicles will follow all traffic control devices, including posted signs, road markings painted on District parking lots and roadways, and authorized personnel facilitating traffic and parking control.

The Facilities Department reserves the right to restrict or otherwise control the use of all parking areas on District grounds for the purpose of safety and the welfare of any and all individuals under supervision of the District.

Abandoned or inoperative vehicles and unregistered or uninsured vehicles may not be left or operated on District property. No vehicle shall be parked overnight or beyond a 24-hour period of time on District property without the prior approval of the Facilities Department or Security Office.

Operators of vehicles failing to comply with this policy may be subject to ticketing, towing, vehicle immobilization or revocation of parking privileges and will be responsible for any cost associated with such consequences.

Policy References:
Education Law § 2801(1) 
Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1670 

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 3290