Cory Allen

Cory Allen
Assistant Superintendent
for Instruction

Tanya SrbinovskiTanya Srbinovski
Administrative Assistant 

The Instruction Office provides leadership, direction and support to the district's academic programs and student support services. We coordinate and support curricula, instruction, and assessment practices for all K-12 academic programs, always based within the foundation of our SCSD Strategic Plan (linked here).

The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction directly supervises:

• Academic Programs
 Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)
 Code of Conduct (PBIS)
 Dignity Act
 Enrichment and acceleration opportunities
 Home instruction
• Textbook selection

The Instruction office is composed of these departments:

 K-12 Instruction

• Athletics, Physical
Education and Health
• Learning and Professional Development
• Special Education Services
• Spencerport Instructional Team (SIT)

• Student Information Services

Contacting our Office: 349-5130


Our mission is to educate and inspire each student to love learning, pursue excellence and use knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute respectfully and confidently to an ever-changing global community.