Policy 4320


The Board is accountable for all pursuits, achievements, and duties of the District. The Board's specific role is to deliberate and to establish policies for the District. The Board delegates the necessary authority to the Superintendent who, acting as chief executive officer of the District, is held accountable to the Board for compliance with its policies. 

a) With respect to District goals and objectives, the Board will establish broad guidelines to be observed in the development of further policy and action. The Board reserves the right to issue either restrictive or general policy statements. 
b) Generally, the Superintendent will be empowered to assign and use resources; to employ, promote, discipline, and deploy staff; to translate policies of the Board into action; to speak as agent of the Board; to organize and delegate administrative responsibilities; and to exercise such other powers as are customary for chief executives. 
c) The Superintendent may not perform, cause, or allow to be performed any act that is unlawful, that violates commonly accepted business and professional ethics, that violates any contract into which the Board has entered, or that violates policies adopted by the Board that limit the Superintendent's authority. 
d) Should the Superintendent or designee consider it unwise, impossible, or impractical to comply with an explicit Board policy, the Superintendent will inform the Board. The Board will then evaluate the Superintendent's or designee's decision. 

Policy References:

Education Law §§ 1711, 2503, and 2508

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 4320