Policy 7310


The Board of Education of the Spencerport Central School District has adopted and implemented a written policy on school conduct and discipline designed to promote responsible student behavior.  This policy was developed locally in consultation with teachers, administrators, other school service professionals, students and parents/guardians, and community members, and includes: 

a) A bill of rights and responsibilities of students that focuses upon positive student behavior, and is publicized and explained to all students on an annual basis;
b) A discipline code for student behavior setting forth prohibited student conduct and the range of penalties that may be imposed for violation of such code that is publicized and explained to all students and provided in writing to all parents/guardians on an annual basis. Such code shall describe the roles of teachers, administrators, Board of Education members and parents/guardians;
c) Strategies and procedures for the maintenance and enforcement of public order on school property that shall govern the conduct of all persons on school premises, in accordance with section 2801 of the Education Law and accepted principles of due process of law;
d) Procedures within each building to involve student service personnel, administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and students in the early identification and resolution of discipline problems. These procedures shall align with the District’s commitment to providing a culturally responsive and sustaining education for all. For students identified as having disabilities, the policy includes procedures for determining when a student’s conduct shall constitute a reason for referral to the Committee on Special Education for review and modification, if appropriate, of the student’s individualized education program;
e) Alternative educational programs appropriate to individual student needs;
f) Disciplinary measures for violation of the school policies developed in accordance with subparagraphs b) and c) of this paragraph. Such measures shall be appropriate to the seriousness of the offense, restorative in nature, and where applicable, to the previous disciplinary record of the student. Any suspension from attendance upon instruction may be imposed only in accordance with Section 3214 of the Education Law; and
g) Guidelines and programs for staff education to ensure effective implementation of school policy on school conduct and discipline. Spencerport Central Schools is an equal opportunity educational system and will work to ensure that our curriculum and instructional materials reflect the needs of our students. The responsibility of education throughout the Spencerport learning community involves making connections and providing students opportunities to enhance their personal and academic wellbeing. Spencerport is responsible for educating each and every student through a culturally responsive approach to provide equity and access for all. 

The Board of Education will review this policy on school conduct and discipline annually and amend it when appropriate. The policy shall be filed in each school building, and shall be available for review by any individual. 

Policy References:

8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations
(NYCRR) Section 100.2(1)

Adopted:  6/22/99
Revised:  6/15/21

Policy 7310