Facilities mission statement

Facilities mission statement

The Facilities Department of the Spencerport Central School District will plan for and provide the highest quality environment for safety and wellness.  We will work as a team with efficiency, professionalism and excellence, in support of the district’s mission and the needs of our community.

Facilities core beliefs

We believe the Facilities Department supports the district’s mission by:
  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment
  • Working together to achieve a healthier environment
  • Continuously providing a clean and welcoming appearance at all District campuses
  • Ensuring that all operating systems and equipment are at optimum efficiency
  • Achieving our goals professionally, efficiently and responsibly through collaboration and communication
  • Displaying the highest levels of  integrity, honesty, courtesy, and respect
  • Establishing and following preventative maintenance programs and proactively planning to meet the evolving needs of the District

Facilities strategies

We will achieve our department’s vision by:
  • empowering the Facilities Department staff to use their knowledge, skills and attitudes supported by training, consistent communication and effective leadership
  • providing and developing materials, expertise and motivation for the Operations and Maintenance staff
  • routinely analyzing the current and future needs of the district and developing short and long term work plans
  • establishing and reviewing channels of communication to solicit feedback on the achievement of the department’s core beliefs