Health and Safety Committee

Health and Safety Committee

The Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (S.A.V.E) requires school districts to implement comprehensive school safety plans and the formation of a board-appointed safety team. New York Education law also requires the creation of a health and safety committee.

The Spencerport District Health and Safety Committee has been established to implement and advise the district on such matters as the health and safety of our learning community, management of emergencies, security efforts, and/or any related issues directed by the superintendent.

The District Health and Safety Committee is charged to oversee:


Implementation of Policy # 5681-school safety plans
Implementation of Policy # 5630-Facilities: inspection, operation, and maintenance
District and building level emergency planning
Code of Conduct revisions
PESH/OSHA workplace safety programs

Committee membership

Darin Price
Director of Facilities, co-chair
Christopher Mears
Director of Security, co-chair

Ogden Police
Spencerport Vol. Fire
Danielle Adam
District Medical Director
Christina Bowerman
Director of Community Programs
Leah Brown
Board of Education member
Becky Daniels
Community member
Dave Gibbardo
Board of Education member
Matt Davis Director of Health, P.E. and Athletics
Michael Marra
Timothy O’Connor
Director of Student Services
Jonathan Saltzberg Executive Director of Operations and Special Projects
Sheena Wheeler Teacher aide
Ty Zinkiewich Superintendent