Committee on Special Education

The Committee on Special Education (CSE), appointed by the Board of Education, is responsible for reviewing the progress of special education students at least annually and ensuring that they are appropriately placed.

Membership includes:

1. Parent(s) of the student

2. Regular education teacher of the student whenever the student is or may be participating in the general education environment

3. Special education teacher of the student, or if appropriate, special education provider of the student

4. School district representative (Chairperson) who is qualified to provide or supervise special education and is knowledgeable about the general curriculum and availability of resources of the school district (This person may also be the special education teacher/provider or school psychologist.)

5. An individual who understands and can talk about evaluation results and how these results affect instruction (This person may also be the special education teacher/provider, regular education teacher, school psychologist, school district representative, someone that the school district determines has knowledge or special expertise regarding the student

6. School Psychologist *

7. School Physician (upon request within 72 hours of meeting)**

8. Parent member (upon request within 72 hours of meeting)**

9. Other people that have knowledge or special expertise regarding the student (as requested by the parent or school district)

10. The student, if appropriate

The Spencerport School District has district-full committees and sub-committees. The District committees recommend programs for new entrants, students placed out of district, and students who are being considered for a more restrictive program. Each school also has a Subcommittee to review the programs of students who are currently receiving special education services. Subcommittee membership is similar to the Full committee.

*  not required members for subcommittees 
**not required members of the CSE