Policy 8273


The Board of Education views the use of electronic resources as central to the delivery of the District’s educational program and expects that all students will use electronic resources as an essential part of their learning experiences. It is the policy of the Spencerport Central School District to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all electronic resource activities.

The Board of Education may provide technology devices to students in the District for authorized use only. The purpose of this policy is to establish general guidelines for the issuance and utilization of any school district technology device provided to students of this District. For the purposes of this policy, "technology device" or "device" shall include, but not be limited to, portable devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, cellular telephones, or any other computing or electronic devices the school district provides to students to be used as part of their educational program.

a) A school District provided technology device must be used only by the student for school District authorized use;
b) Any school District provided technology device loaned to a student must be returned to the school District in the condition it was initially provided to the student considering reasonable use and care by the student;
c) The parent or student shall be responsible to reimburse the school District the cost of any technology device that is lost, damaged beyond reasonable use or beyond its value, abandoned, missing, stolen, or cannot be returned to the district in accordance with the terms of the Laptop User Agreement Form;
d) The District may require, or offer as an option, depending on the type of technology device provided to the student, a replacement plan to be purchased by the parent or student that would cover certain damage to a technology device during the time period the student has possession of the device. The parent or the student shall pay any replacement plan required deductibles in the event of a loss. 
e) In the event the parent or student elects not to purchase the optional replacement plan, the parent and/or student shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the technology device in accordance with regulation and the terms of the Laptop User Agreement Form.
f) The parent and student are responsible for any loss or damage not covered by the replacement plan including intentional damage or vandalism.
g) Students will be required to report any hardware or software problems in the operation of the device to a teacher or a Department of Technology representative within two school days of the commencement of the problem;
h) Students must report to a Department of Technology representative within two school days in the event the technology device has been damaged or is missing; 
i) A parent or student is required to immediately file a police report in the event it is believed the technology device has been stolen. Within one school day after filing a police report, a parent or student shall report the stolen device to the Department of Technology and forward a copy of the police report to the Chief Information Officer or designee;
j) Students shall be required to provide routine cleaning and care of the device;
k) The student shall have the technology device in their possession in school as required; and
l) Any other provisions the Superintendent of Schools determines should be included in regulation or on device related user agreements.

The Superintendent is authorized to implement regulations and procedures for students and families to protect the technology investment for the District. Access to the Spencerport Central School District technology resources is a privilege and not a right.  Each employee, student and/or parent will be required to follow the District’s Acceptable Use Policies.

All users of the Spencerport Central School District system and equipment must comply with the Code of Conduct and all applicable policies, regulations, and user agreements. Any failure to comply may end the right of possession effective immediately. Students may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Adopted:  2/12/19
Revised:  9/6/22

Policy 8273