Key Initiatives

Key Professional Learning initiatives include:

  • Standards - based assessment and classroom strategy training to provide teachers with the necessary skills and practices to increase student performance.

  • Differentiation Training which highlights training for all our staff. This training is focused upon supporting teachers to provide challenging instruction to all students. 

  • Mental Health Training for teachers to give teachers strategies to use in classrooms to promote productive and positive learning environments for all students.

  • New Teacher Training program to provide all staff with an understanding of the school culture and expectations for classroom practice, including the Core programs.

  • Special Education Training for all staff to ensure access of general education curriculum for students. We are focusing on professional collaboration.

  • Student Teachers - Placement of student teachers to collaborate with higher education.

  • Training in data analysis to provide teachers with the skills to analyze student work to identify areas that need further support and to note those areas that are student strengths.

  • Training support for 6 + 1 Traits of Writing and for literacy initiatives.

  • Training to support the 21st Century Skills and the ISTE Standards in Technology to infuse the digital age into daily instructional practice.
  • Regents Reform Training for all staff to ensure understanding of the many facets of Regents Reform including, Next Generation Learning Standards, Response to Intervention and new APPR for principal and teacher evaluation.