Threat Assessment Support Team

Threat assessment is a model of prevention pioneered by the United States Secret Service in an attempt to prevent attacks on the president of the United States. This model is quickly becoming law in numerous states due to its behind the scenes effectiveness and its ability to provide students support. According to the United States Secret Service “the goal of a threat assessment is to identify students of concern, assess their risk for engaging in violence or other harmful activities, and identify intervention strategies to manage that risk.” 

Spencerport Structure:

In an effort to promote the safety of all of our students and staff, the Spencerport Central School District has formed a dedicated Threat Assessment/Support Team. Each school building has a trained Threat Assessment and Support Team that meets regularly to assess, monitor, and support students, staff, or community members when potential threats to school and community safety arise. Each of these school building teams report to a district level team and works in close collaboration with the district security personnel, local law enforcement, and other first responders.  

Co-Chair, Jonathan Saltzberg, Executive Director of Operations
Co-Chair, Tim O'Connor, Director of Student Services

Our teams are multi-disciplinary as recommended. District level team membership typically consists of administrators, security, counselors, social workers, and teachers. Building level team membership typically consists of building principals, security, counselors, social workers, and teachers.  

First responders participate in threat assessment meetings when the substance of the threat warrants a greater level of response.