Questions & Answers about education for homeless children and youth

Q: Are children experiencing homelessness eligible to enroll in pre-school and kindergarten?

A: Yes. Students who are homeless should have access to the same programs as students who are housed. Head Start and Even Start may reserve enrollment slots for students experiencing homelessness.

Q: Where can students experiencing homelessness attend school?

A: The school the child or youth attended prior to becoming homeless or the last school they attended (school of origin) or the school in the attendance area where the child or youth is currently living.

Q: Can students be enrolled without records or proof of residency?

A: Yes. Homeless students must be enrolled immediately. The receiving school must contact the previous school to obtain missing school records and must enroll the student while waiting for missing documents. If immunization records are missing, the student is to be enrolled and the local liaison must refer the parents to the local public health office for immunizations. The parent may be asked to sign an affidavit stating the family is homeless.