Expenditure plan

On May 16, communities across New York State will vote on proposed school budgets as well as on board of education elections. Here in Spencerport, we have been working hard to put together a spending plan that is both responsive to students’ needs and respectful to our community members as we consider the tax burden it places on residents.

The proposed budget totals $92,744,041 and addresses the priorities that have been identified by our community through our Budget Focus Group, public ThoughtExchange, voter exit poll, and numerous meetings with students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and residents:

      Budget priorities    
 HS student working on laptop   Academic learning with a strategic focus in many areas, including maintaining smaller class sizes, adding additional Universal Pre-K opportunities for early learners, increasing special education and academic interventions, while continuing our efforts to support student learning post pandemic.
 Social worker, Mrs. Davin   Mental health and student support services, increasing our counseling, social worker, and health office staff.
 Principal Caiazza checks in with Raptor system   Safety and security with an increase in personnel, camera replacement plan and enhanced visitor management system.
  Operational needs to address the ongoing building repairs, equipment needs, and personnel support required for normal functions.

3-part budget summary of expenditures

New York State law requires that all school districts present the proposed budget expenditure plan in three parts: Program, Capital and Administrative. 
  • Program (76.1%) includes expenses associated with instructional programs, teacher salaries and benefits, health services, transportation costs, special education, instructional supplies and equipment, and athletics.
  • Capital (13.6%) consists of maintenance costs for buildings and grounds, custodial services, utilities, capital expenses, bus purchases, and debt service.
  • Administrative (10.3%) expenses include costs associated with the superintendent’s office, board of education, financial/legal services, curriculum development, communications, BOCES administration, printing and mailing, district clerk, and school supervision.

Total:  $92,744,041  

Pie chart of expenditures 2023

Budget notebook available for review

A budget notebook, with the complete, detailed 2023-24 expenditure plan, is available in hard copy for public view in the District Office building, 71 Lyell Ave., Spencerport.

The information may also be found by item below:

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