Student Services

The Office of Student Information Services has four major functions.

Tim O'Connor 
Tim O'Connor
Director of Student Services

  1. Administer and Coordinate Support Services for Students: The office is responsible for District Registration and the maintenance of all student information and records including: student registration, attendance, report cards, schedules, student conduct, transcript or historical information, and the student management system - Infinite Campus.
  2. Data Collection and Verification: The office coordinates the collection and reporting of data through the student management system for NYS reporting. 
  3. District Testing and Assessment Reporting: The office coordinates the administration, scoring and reporting of student information used for making determinations about the need for academic intervention services and school improvement.
  4. Tutoring Services and the District Learning Center: The office coordinates the administration and delivery of tutoring services for students who are physically unable to attend school, have been suspended from school, or for students who are awaiting appropriate placement through the Committee on Special Education. The District Learning Center provides tutoring services for many of these students.

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Director of Student Services
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