Policy 3210


All visitors will be required to report to the greeter's desk upon arrival at school and state their business. Visitations to classrooms for any purpose require permission in advance from the building principal in order to allow teachers the opportunity to arrange their schedules to accommodate these requests. 

When individual Board members visit the schools, they must abide by the regulations and procedures developed by the administration regarding school visits. 

All visitors must comply with the District's Code of Conduct.

Electronic Visitor Management System

The District utilizes an electronic visitor management system (EVMS) in order to ensure the safety and welfare of its students, staff, and guests. When any visitor, including parents and volunteers, wishes to enter any school building during school hours, he or she must present a valid state or government issued photo identification (ID), such as a valid driver's license. Prior to entry being permitted, the EVMS will check visitors against known sexual offender databases. Once the visitor's ID is scanned, the EVMS will print a visitor's badge which must be worn throughout the duration of the visit. Visitors should return this badge at the end of their visit so that they may be checked out of the building in a timely fashion.

Visitors who refuse to produce IDs or fail the check of sexual offender databases, must have their visit authorized by the building administrator. Visitors may be asked to either wait in the school building lobby or to leave school premises if their visit is not authorized.

Policy References:
Education Law § 2801
Penal Law §§ 140.10 and 240.35

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 3210