Policy 3120


The Board of Education recognizes the value of a District website on the Internet for the purposes listed below. This policy applies to any website, Web Page, mobile device application, or social media platform operated by the Spencerport Central School District or on its behalf. Such websites are considered to be District publications, over which the District maintains full editorial control according to the terms of this policy. Any websites, web pages, mobile device applications, or social media platforms that have not been approved under procedures established through this policy are neither authorized nor sanctioned by the District.


The purposes of any Spencerport Central School District operated or authorized website, Web Page, mobile device application, or social media platform are as follows:

a) To support the District's mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.
b) To provide the community with information about the District, including its mission, policies, resources, staff, characteristics, programs and operation.
c) To provide the community with information about the District's schools, including curricular and co-curricular programs, opportunities for students, achievements, calendars, schedules, news and special events.
d) To provide students and the community with instructional support through access to homework assignments and extended educational resources that are in keeping with the District's educational mission.
e) To serve as a channel of communication from District personnel (faculty, staff and administrators) to families (students and parents).
f) To serve as a channel of feedback from students, families and the community to the District.


Web Pages must serve one or more of the above purposes. Any Web Pages which do not support these purposes, or which tend to undermine them, are not authorized.

Web Pages must, in their content and construction, adhere to the laws, policies, and rules governing computer use including, but not limited to, copyright laws, rights of software publishers and proprietors, license agreements, and rights of privacy established by federal and state laws.

Web Pages must reflect high standards of content, design and currency, as well as of respectability, good taste and appropriateness for the Spencerport school community.

These standards also apply to all links to other websites or Web Pages that appear within authorized websites, Web Pages, mobile device applications, or social media platforms.


Web Pages must be designed to protect students, families, employees and any other persons from unwanted disclosure of personally identifying information.


Authority to approve or deny proposed Web Pages, including their links, rests with building administrators and the District Communications Specialist. The Chief Information Officer is responsible for the security of the website, Web Pages, and mobile device applications.

Adopted:  6/22/99
Revised:  2/12/19; 9/6/22

Policy 3120