Policy 8321


Neither teachers nor principals shall promote any religious, political, or commercial propaganda, nor shall any advertisement of such nature be displayed or distributed at any time in school buildings or upon school premises. The use in the schools of such aids as textbooks, supplementary books, reference books, charts, maps, calendars, blotters, rulers, models, cuts, films, slides, on-line information, or exhibits by the subjects, articles, machines or processes already in use in the publisher or manufacturer, shall not be construed as commercial propaganda within the meaning of this rule.

The fact that plentiful supplies of free and inexpensive teaching aids are available for the asking is common knowledge. Many of these learning materials are very helpful to the professionally alert classroom teacher, if carefully selected and wisely used. They may be utilized: (a) to bring current information to the classroom, (b) to supplement available reading materials, (c) to vary classroom activities, (d) to help meet individual differences and (e) to motivate pupils’ interests.

Some evaluative criteria and suggested procedures are set forth herewith for consideration by all members of the professional staff.

Curricular Relationships

a) The materials shown serve a clear-cut educational purpose.
b) There is a relationship between the materials and the unit being studied.
c) The maturity level of the children is considered in the selection of the materials.
d) The materials are adaptable to the teaching methods used.

Content of Materials

a) The materials are free from bias or propaganda of a religious, political or other nature, unless chosen to teach those concepts as aligned to state learning standards
b) The materials are factually accurate.
c) The materials are timely.

Organization and Format

a) The content is well organized and logically presented.
b) The materials meet the requirements of good taste and aesthetic appeal.
c) The paper and typography meet the standards of good reading material.

Adopted:  6/22/99
Revised:   9/6/22

Policy 8321