Security Department

On a daily basis, the security team:
 Chris Mears
Chris Mears
Director of Security

  • walks school hallways,
  • patrols our campus and grounds,
  • ensures locked perimeter doors,
  • monitors surveillance equipment,
  • oversees the safety helpline,
  • conducts staff trainings,
  • screens staff and visitors for proper
  • identification and authorization,
    provides safety support to administrators and teachers, and
  • collaborates with the Ogden Police Department on any emergency or non-emergency matters.
For more details on our security programs and initiatives, please visit the links to the left.

  Contact the security office:   585-349-5197

 Meet our team

 Rich Aureli Charbel Abiad
Hector Cartagena 
 Rich Aureli
Security Supervisor
Charbel Abiad Hector Cartagena
Bob Diederich
Avery Elam   Preston Hughes
Bob Diederich Avery Elam 
Preston Hughes
 Jennifer Kearse Samantha Kulzer
Zach Matthys 
Jennifer Kearse Samantha Kulzer  Zach Matthys
 Ashley Olsen Dee Perez
Kevin Smith 
Ashley Olsen Dee Perez  Kevin Smith