Security Department

Contact the Security Office

Chris Mears, Director
Phone: 585-349-5197 

Rich Aureli, Senior Security Supervisor
Phone: 585-349-5197

Security overview

On a daily basis, the district practices include screening staff and visitors for proper identification, and authorization, locking perimeter doors, staff training managing the surveillance equipment and the confidential tip line, and various security patrols. Various local police agencies fuel their vehicles on campus providing an additional safety overview presence on campus. All of these measures are managed by our director of security.

Spencerport Identification Badges:
Individuals authorized to wear a Spencerport identification badge may pick up the badge at the security office in the High School. Badges for new employees are also available at the security office within a few days of hire. Photos will be taken in Human Resources during the hiring process or they can be taken in the security office. Please contact Rich Aureli with further questions about badges.

There is a $5.00 fee for replacement badges.

Door access is determined by position and work location. The security office will explain door access when you pick up your badge.