Trauma, Illness, and Grief (TIG) Team

The Consortium on Trauma, Illness, and Grief in Schools

Children and adolescents are affected more than we might assume by major and minor losses.  Traumatic events, serious illnesses, or deaths of family members and friends as well as members of their school family can have a profound impact on these young lives.  Even tragic community events, not directly experienced by a child, can leave a lasting mark.

In recognition of this reality, the Spencerport Central School District has made a commitment to providing needed support for those who have experienced a trauma, illness, or death.  In partnership with the Monroe County Office of Mental Health, over 20 staff members have
received extensive training to assist them in responding to the emotional needs of students, teachers, and other school personnel which arise from trauma, violence, illness, grief and loss.  These trained individuals share their time and talent as members of the Spencerport TIG Team.  The TIG team offers support and resources to help impacted students and staff cope in the school setting.  Team members follow a standardized protocol for intervention throughout the district which ensures response equity across all buildings and highlights sensitivity to the family's wishes in all settings.

In addition, the district has partnered with schools throughout the Greater Rochester area to provide and receive back-up TIG support whenever a response plan exceeds the impacted district's resources. 

If you are aware of a situation that may require the help of the TIG team, please contact your building principal.


SCSD Commemoration Request Form.pdf

TIG Resource Guide.pdf

  Our TIG-trained staff in each building:  
  Canal View TIG team
Bernabi team: Canal View team:
Tina Brien Denise Lemcke and Joe Simmons
 Munn TIG team  Taylor TIG team
Munn team: Taylor team:
Michael Canny, Jeanne Pacitto, and Kim Patton Tabitha Messner and Rick Platt
  high school TIG team
Cosgrove team: High School team:
Erin Bell, Traci Powlowski, Jackquelyn Woodard, Christie Balys, and Tom Burger
Jen Davin, Amy Gillett, Kate Zobkiw,
Jess Silsby

District Office team:
Mike Sorbera, Lanette Cypher, Erin Hassall,
 and Tim O'Connor